While You Wait

90 minutes: Clean and oil, time and strike clocks (winding key goes in two places).
2.25 hours: Clean and oil, chiming clocks (winding key goes in three places).

15 minutes: Adjust the volume of a bell or gong strike (hour/half-hour striking clocks).
45 minutes: Adjust the volume and uniformity of chime sounds on quarter-chiming clocks.

30 minutes: Re-balance the pendulum beat, test, repeat as needed. This corrects the condition that results in a wall clock only running when tilted on the wall, or a mantle clock only running when one end of the cabinet is shimmed up.

30 minutes to 90 minutes: Adjust internal levers to fix striking system problems, such as a gong strike that fails to start, fails to turn off, or strikes inconsistently.

30 minutes: Teach the owner how to reset the clock when the bell or gong strike disagrees with the position of the hands on the dial.

The above represent common examples. Other while-you-wait work is possible. Clocks that need more work naturally require more time, but while-you-wait services may still be available for clocks with multiple issues in some cases. We will advise upon inspecting the movement, and communicate the estimated time, and whether a clock is a candidate for while-you-wait service. Please note, all times are approximate.