This section has been developed in the interest of satisfying the desire of clock owners to have at least some idea in advance, of what to expect repairs to cost. Please note that since the scope of each job is different, the cost of repairs can, and will vary accordingly. The pricing detail below is provided as a general guide only, to convey typical service and repair costs based on the condition of a clock at the time it is brought in for repair.

Alpine Clock Repair has a 4 -tier pricing structure, to provide the most economical service based on the extent of work a clock may require: Level 1 service (basic repairs and maintenance only); Level 2 service (intermediate level repairs, topical cleaning, oiling & adjusting –“COA”) ; Level 3 service (intermediate repairs, ultrasonic cleaning, oiling & adjusting –“ROA”); and Level 4 service (full disassembly & sensitive restoration of all parts). Details can be found by clicking on the “Read more” buttons below.

Prior to performing any repairs, your clock’s movement will be examined, its condition evaluated and the findings explained in real time. You are welcome to watch and ask questions during the examination. For clocks of unusual complexity, or for those having notable condition issues, an in-depth Intake Evaluation Form will be filled out. You may select the best choice of service, based upon our recommendations. Please note that there is a charge of $80 plus tax for the evaluation, to cover our time. This includes documentation; of value to you if repairs are carried out at a future time.


Level Service

Basic Repairs & Maintenance


Level Service

Clean, oil and adjust “COA” and REPAIR


Level Service

Ultrasonic cleaning – Rinse, oil, adjust “ROA” and REPAIR


Level Service

Full Restoration

Wait Times

Clocks taken into the shop are first categorized according to the extent of work needed, which in turn establishes their wait and turnaround times. In the interest of serving our customers, we have developed a tiered turnaround schedule so that clocks needing only minor work can be tended to sooner than those requiring substantial rebuilding work.

Education on the care and handling of your clock.

We are as invested in your clock as you are, and will do all we can to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your clock. Upon completion of the work, we’ll make sure that you have all of the information necessary to operate and care for your newly repaired or restored clock. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have at this time. In many cases we find that an owner was never made aware of some useful piece of information that could have saved them some inconvenience, despite having owned and operated the clock for years. We can advise on ways to silence a clock for a light-sleeping guest without interfering with its timekeeping, tell you whether it’s safe to turn the hands backwards (a surprising number of owners of clocks that have a safe-turnback provision have been told not to this), how far to wind the clock without fear, what to expect the limit of its accuracy to be, and other practical advice. We will also advise on the recommended maintenance that can enable your clock to provide the greatest long-term return on your investment in its repair.

Telephone & Home Support

For clocks that need only to be set up after a move or adjusted in minor ways in order to put them back in service, we can provide telephone support at cost of $80 per hour, with a 1-hour minimum charge. In some cases, this is all that may be needed in order to get the clock running, and will save you a possible visit to the shop and house call charges. Please note that this is not a substitute for servicing, and a clock that is put back in operation after years of neglect will wear out faster than one that is properly serviced when it is placed back in working order.