Cosmetic Conditioning

When a clock is taken in for service or repair, a basic cosmetic inspection is conducted to bring any notable flaws to the owner’s attention. Photos may be taken to document the conditions found.

In most cases we can repair cosmetic damage, or poorly aged or weathered finishes, enabling the clock to appear years younger and fresher. We do not refinish clocks, but work to revive the existing finish in gentle, non-invasive ways, to bring out the best they have to offer. This may included selective touching up of scrapes, minor abrasions, etc as needed, with the approval of the owner. If parts are missing, we can often obtain or fabricate them, to make a clock complete once again.

We can also replace cracked or missing glass, and when the original glass has historical detail such as waves, bubbles or beveled edges, we can generally obtain replacement glass to match those details. When dials or hands are damaged, we can improve these areas if desired.