Additional Repair Services

What is now known as Alpine Clock Repair, LLC began in 1974 in a dedicated section of Andrew’s parents’ garage. The very first items repaired and restored in that space were antique record players manufactured by Edison and the Victor Talking Machine Company, (“Victrolas”) as well as early radios with vacuum tubes made by RCA and others. Any machine in poor condition with significant age and complexity was fair game, and in addition to phonographs and radios included (among other things), typewriters, brass cash registers, adding machines and the occasional old clock.


The services we offer today, in addition to the clocks that now occupy the vast majority of our shop time, still extend to vintage items that light up, make sounds and otherwise enrich and add refreshing contrast to our daily lives.


In the mid 1990s, vintage theremins (the first manufactured electronic musical instrument invented in 1920, which are played without even being touched) were actively added to the list of specialties. Andrew’s theremin work has involved travel to several distant states, to work for private owners and museums, as specialists in this esoteric field are currently almost unknown.


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