1st Level Service

Basic Repairs & Maintenance

The cost for a Basic Repair with maintenance will typically range from $400 to $600 for most clocks. The reason for this approximate price range is that some clocks have fewer parts, for example, one or two winding holes in the dial while others have more parts, for example three holes in the dial. Additionally, some clocks require additional time spent on mechanism cleaning, while others that have been internally well maintained require less. In some cases, while each individual adjustment or repair for a given clock may fall under the “Basic” category, a higher number of such adjustments or individual repairs will add to the time required and consequently the total cost.

Basic Repair is the most economical service, and the best option when a clock is in predominately good condition, but is unable to perform due to easily repairable faults.

Some examples of Basic Repair are: Replacement of damaged pendulum suspension springs, putting the beat back in balance, adjustments to levers that control the hour strike, and maintenance of clocks that are well overdue for service. The customer will have the benefit of being shown the cause(s) of the clock’s problems, if desired, before any work is performed and in some cases –shop schedule permitting– the problems may be corrected while the customer waits. All 1st Level Service jobs include the following services:

  1. Check of lubricant condition, basic cleaning and application of fresh, high grade lubricants.
  2. Safety inspection of the ratchet systems that keep the mainspring power or force of weights securely in check. Cable / chain safety inspection.
  3. Escapement settings and beat balance check, with correcting adjustments if needed.

Please note that if a clock movement has more than the most basic problems, or is extremely dirty or dusty, with contaminated old lubricant at the oiling locations, it is not a candidate for Basic Repairs and Maintenance, and a higher level of service will be recommended. Adding fresh oil to notably contaminated bearing surfaces, without taking the time to sufficiently remove the degraded old oil and contamination, will hasten wear.